All You Need To Know About The Tooth Filling Processes

All You Need To Know About The Tooth Filling Processes

Mar 03, 2021

Most people don’t even notice when a cavity is forming. The next thing you know, you may start experiencing tooth sensitivity.

It would help if you visited our dentist regularly. If your teeth have cavities, you can get prompt cavity treatment before the situation escalates.

Dental Fillings 101

When you eat food, the food particles tend to get stuck in your teeth’ fissures (deep grooves) or in between the teeth. Harmful bacteria feed on the food particles and release digestive acids that digest and erode the teeth.

Our dentist can use dental fillings to treat tooth decay when small cavities are. We will remove the decayed part of the tooth and use filling material to fill it.

Fillings can be used to:

  • Repair broken teeth
  • Treat a cavity
  • Repair worn-down teeth

Tooth Filling Process

Sometimes our dentist will have to administer local anesthesia, so the process is painless and comfortable. Our dentist will use a laser or a drill to remove the area damaged by tooth decay.

After ensuring that the entire decayed region has been removed, our dentist near you will clean and prepare the filling area.

The cleaning of the filling area is important because it ensures that all the bacteria are removed. Then, the filling will be placed in the area where the decayed material was removed.

The Types of Fillings

Dr. Cohen will determine the best type of filling the need for your situation.

Dental cavities can damage your teeth. However, tooth fillings can help you get your smile back. Contact our dentist in Covina at Jeffrey L. Cohen, DDS, for high-quality tooth fillings.

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