What are my options for replacing a missing tooth?

Best to consult with Dr. Cohen to see what you are a good candidate for dental Implants, dental bridges, or partials.

What is the full dental exam on your first visit?

Full series Xrays, Oral evaluation, Intra oral imaging and measurements, and any treatment presentations needed.

How long does the dental filling procedure typically take?

Depending on how large or small the filling to remove the decay is usually takes up to 1hr.

Will it change the way my teeth bite or chew?

Teeth will be adjusted if needed to maintain regular bite and function.

How long do dental bridges typically last?

No guarantees can be made to the longevity of any prosthesis. Many factors depend on each individual oral hygiene and lifestyle.

Can front teeth be bonded?

Yes, best to consult with Dr. Cohen to see what you are a candidate for. If fillings, crowns, and veneers are the best option for your unique situation.

Can yellow teeth become white?

Yes, best to consult with Dr. Cohen to see if you are a candidate for Bleaching options.

Will my teeth be sensitive after getting veneers?

It is normal for some sensitivity after any restorative procedure. We use multiple techniques to lessen the possibility of any sensitivity. Typically temperature sensitivity can last up to a week after treatment is complete.

Do I need bed rest after tooth extraction?

Depending on the complexity of the extraction, appropriate after care instructions will be given. Post operations instructions will very from case to case.

What are dental sealants used for?

The protective layer is placed so deep cusp dont allow food bacteria to sit in grooves. It helps protect teeth from becoming decayed.

Is periodontal treatment worth it?

Yes, if you have perio disease, it is important to follow the appropriate hygiene regiment recommended by the hygienist.

Based on the health of your gums in order to help prevent the advancement of your disease and bone loss.

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