Oral Sedation Dentistry in Covina, CA

Does the thought of visiting a dentist’s office leave you feeling anxious? If yes, you’re not alone. According to research, approximately 80 percent of Americans struggle with dental anxiety. For some individuals, the fear is so extreme it keeps them from visiting the dentist, even when it’s apparent they need dental care.

Did you know you can get the dental care you need without feeling fearful or overwhelmed? Yes, relaxed dental appointments are possible via sedation dentistry. Oral sedation dentistry uses various medications before and during the sedation procedure.

Dr. Cohen is a Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation member and has provided sedation dentistry for nearly 30 years. In Covina, CA, Oral sedation dentistry allows patients who struggle with dental anxiety to get the professional dental care they need without feeling scared or anxious.

How Does Oral Sedation Work?

Oral sedation takes a combination of medications that allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed, allowing the dentist to complete treatment effectively.

Conscious sedation dentistry is safe and highly effective in allowing patients to receive dental treatment. Some patients may fall asleep during the procedure; others remain awake while relaxed and responsive.

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What To Expect?

Our dentist near you will carefully evaluate you to determine whether oral sedation dentistry is right for you. If yes, we will review detailed instructions on preparing for your appointment.

Some patients want oral sedation for extractions, root canal treatment, and long appointments. If you’re fearful about your next dental cleaning, our dentist can help you determine whether oral sedation is appropriate for the procedure.

Meet Our Therapy Dog

Besides oral sedation, we also have a therapy dog to help our patients relax during their appointments. Our therapy dog is available by appointment.

Dr. Cohen has helped hundreds of patients overcome their fear of dental visits. Please book an appointment today to discuss how we can help you with your dental anxiety. The longer you postpone your dental treatments, the higher the risk of developing long-term dental problems. Contact the dental practice if you’re looking for a well-established dental office that offers oral sedation dentistry.

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