Fluoride Treatment in Covina, CA

Fluoride and calcium are two naturally occurring minerals that are important for the health of our teeth. Professional fluoride application is one of the most popular treatments offered at our dental practice. We provide dental fluoride treatment for our patients, including adults and children.

While there is misinformation about fluoride, it is safe and effective when applied to professionally cleaned teeth.

Fluoride strengthens teeth and can stop ongoing decay. We provide you and your family with fluorosis treatments for better dental health at our dentistry.

These procedures are ideally completed with each hygiene visit.

Who Should Get Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatment is recommended for adults and children to keep their teeth healthy. Children are prone to tooth decay and cavities since they are not as aware as adults of the importance of brushing their teeth. Adults have a myriad of reasons for needing a fluoride treatment:

  • One or more cavities in the last three years
  • Existing filling, inlays/onlays, or crowns
  • Exposed tooth roots (recession of the gums)
  • Medications and medical conditions that cause dry mouth

Fluoride treatments are preventive, not curative. They will not eliminate a dental cavity or restore a broken tooth. However, they will make teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities.

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Getting A Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is the professional application of a concentrated fluoride solution or pastes to the teeth’ surface. It comes in various forms, including liquid, gel, foam, and varnish.

After application, fluoride is allowed to stay on the enamel for several minutes to encourage the enamel to repair the microscopic damage caused by plaque and help stop decay.

How To Receive Treatment

If you search for an efficient fluoride treatment in Covina, CA, look no further than Jeffrey L. Cohen, DDS. We offer professional fluoride treatment designed to help strengthen enamel and prevent many issues from plaque and tooth decay.

For more information, call our office today and schedule an appointment. We accept new patients, and we love to see new faces.

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