Dental Inlays and Onlays in Covina, CA

The teeth are easily one of the most damaged parts of the body. These unique structures are constantly exposed to harsh factors, including acidic food, bacteria, and plaque. They can also be unintentionally harmed through physical trauma, such as biting down wrong on food or getting into a sports accident.

When the tooth’s permanent structure becomes damaged, it affects oral health and wellness. A broken tooth is more likely to become infected, and a jagged surface makes it difficult to eat. In many cases, a tooth could have a cavity or dental caries from poor oral hygiene, which puts the soft pulp and roots at risk.

At Jeffrey L. Cohen DDS, we provide modern solutions to the issue of dental enamel damage. While we offer traditional fillings and crowns, we also create custom dental inlays and onlays in Covina, CA. These inlays and onlays near you are long-lasting, help you avoid the side effects of damaged teeth, and make it easier to engage in activities like eating the foods you love.

What Are They?

Inlays and onlays could be considered the stronger, more advanced filling version. They are small, customized pieces of porcelain or gold created to fill in cavities or parts of the missing and broken dental structure to recreate a natural chewing surface.

Dental inlays are primarily meant to sit between the tooth’s cusps, with only a small amount of material visible on the top. A dental onlay, on the other hand, will be inside the tooth and have a portion recreating the cusp.

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The Benefits

A properly fitted inlay and onlay protect a tooth from becoming damaged again. The material prevents plaque and bacteria from slipping inside the tooth and attacking the significant soft pulp and nerves that keep the teeth alive and healthy.

An inlay or an onlay is created in the laboratory and bonded to the tooth. They are a more conservative approach than a crown but can only be used where the tooth damage is minimal to moderate. Like crowns, laboratory-processed inlays and onlays are more definitive and longer-lasting restorations than fillings. The porcelain or gold will not wear as fast as a “direct” filling material.

An inlay or onlay helps to eat and chew and can alleviate pain during these activities caused by broken enamel or exposed pulp.

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