Dental Implants: Why Are They the Preferred Missing Teeth Replacement Option?

Dental Implants: Why Are They the Preferred Missing Teeth Replacement Option?

Oct 01, 2020

Our teeth were made to last us our entire lifetime. From the moment our permanent teeth come in, they are meant to stay with us for good. However, this is not always the case; sometimes, we tend to lose our permanent teeth due to circumstances.

This is never a wonderful experience for anyone. Losing teeth feels like you are parting with an aspect of yourself. As awful as tooth loss is, it is sometimes unavoidable and necessary.

Dental conditions such as periodontal diseases, infections, and tooth decay can all result in unavoidable tooth loss, particularly if the tooth in question cannot be salvaged by any other means.

Apart from this, tooth loss is also linked to trauma or injuries. Having missing teeth can lead to other complications such as jawbone deterioration, facial structure changes, and speech impairment.

The good thing is that you do not have to live with missing teeth; there are several tooth replacement options available to help rejuvenate your smile. One of the remarkable options we offer our patients is teeth implants.

Let’s find out more about teeth implants before discovering what makes them an excellent teeth replacement option.

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are also referred to as a root replacement option. This is because, ideally, the dental implant will be surgically inserted into your jawbone by our tooth implant doctor to mimic the root of your missing tooth.

The bit that is surgically inserted into your jawbone is made of titanium, a biocompatible material that fuses with your jawbone to form a strong anchor system for the tooth replacement.

Tooth implants are made of three parts, which include:

  • The Implant

This is the titanium bit or post, which is surgically inserted by our tooth implant doctor into your jawbone to root for the tooth replacement. This section is designed as a screw and is firmly screwed into place to support your new dental implant.

  • The Abutment

This section acts as a link between the implant and your preferred tooth replacement.

  • Prosthesis

This is the crowning section of the implant. It is screwed on the abutment and will be the visible section of the implant. There are various choices available, and these may include a crown, denture, or bridge.

The Tooth Implant Process

This is how the tooth implant process will be like in a nutshell:

  • The first step within the process will involve getting a thorough examination from our dentist in West Covina to ascertain if your gums are healthy and if your jawbone can handle the procedure.
  • After this examination is finalized, and our dentist is satisfied with your oral and bone health, you will proceed to the process’s surgical part. This is where our dentist will insert the titanium post into your jawbone.
  • After the surgery, you will be given some time to heal and allow the titanium post to fuse with your jawbone through osseointegration. This healing period is generally for four months.
  • Once the fusion has occurred, your customized tooth replacement option, be it a crown, denture, or bridge, will be placed onto the abutment.

Why Should You Opt For Dental Implants?

If you have unfortunately lost a tooth or some of your teeth and would love to get your smile back or remedy any other complications that accompany tooth loss, then implants are a great choice.

We offer our clients both single and full-mouth dental implants to cater to all their unique needs. Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement option among patients because they are designed to feel, function, and look like our natural teeth.

Here are some of the benefits which make dental implants an excellent tooth replacement option:

  • They restore your teeth’s functionality because they are stable and strong like your natural teeth. This means that you will be able to chew your food properly without worrying about destroying your new implant.
  • They are comfortable. This is because they are firmly anchored into your jawbone and become a part of you. They will not shift around or move around uncomfortably.
  • They are durable and will last as long as you take good care of them.
  • They stimulate your jawbone and, therefore, preserve your jawbone.

Teeth implants will revamp your smile and make you feel good about yourself once again. Contact us today at Jeffery.L.Cohen, DDS, for your dental implant procedure.

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