Extraction in Covina, CA

Sometimes, having a tooth removed is the best or only option. If you need a tooth extraction in Covina, CA, Dr. Cohen will ensure your tooth extraction procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

The Most Common Reasons For Tooth Extraction

There are many reasons for tooth extraction. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • A severely damaged tooth from cavities or trauma
  • Need to prepare for orthodontic treatment because the mouth is overcrowded, or there is not enough space in the arch for new teeth to come in.
  • We have a periodontal disease that has weakened and destroyed the bone holding the tooth, making an extraction necessary.
  • You have an infection affecting the center of the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels are located. If the tooth’s damage is so catastrophic that a root canal cannot save the tooth, your dentist will recommend an extraction.
  • As a preventative measure for chemotherapy or radiation therapy, patients with a compromised immune system are at higher risk of tooth and gum infections.

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About The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Extractions are a commonly performed procedure in our office.

Usually, a local anesthetic will be administered to numb the area effectively. Occasionally, oral or general anesthesia might be necessary, but this is less common.

After the wisdom teeth removal, you’ll be asked to bite down on some gauze.

It’s important to follow your post-operative instructions to avoid complications and infections while the area heals.

You can be assured that your oral health is in good hands with Jeffrey L. Cohen DDS, where we provide high-quality general dental care.

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