Endodontics in Covina, CA

Endodontics focuses on the tooth and root’s inner workings, frequently referred to as the pulp.

Why Do I Need Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontic treatment might become necessary if a cavity has deeply infected a tooth and threatens the dental pulp. When infections occur within the pulp, you risk losing the entire tooth. If the infection reaches this area, it could cause an abscess or lead to a more serious infection in the bone surrounding the tooth. Often, with endodontic treatment, the tooth can be saved so you can preserve your natural smile and function.

Endodontic treatment clears away the infected parts of the tooth and replaces the lost tooth structure to restore the tooth’s function. This endodontics procedure is commonly referred to as a root canal. Root canal techniques have changed, and you can expect to have no more discomfort than filling. At Jeffrey L. Cohen DDS, we pride ourselves on offering the best dental and endodontic care for our Covina, CA, area patients.

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What Is The Procedure For Endodontic Treatment?

This procedure will require numbing the tooth for comfort during the treatment. If dental anxiety is an issue, you can talk to Dr. Jeffrey Cohen about additional sedation forms. Dr. Cohen will then remove the infected pulp and clean, shape, and smooth the tooth’s inside. A biocompatible material will be placed in the canal(s) to seal and restore the function of your tooth. Teeth that have received endodontic treatment are usually covered with a dental crown.

If you have suffered from severe tooth decay and your dental pulp’s health is at risk, visit us for endodontic treatment in Covina, CA.

When To See The Dentist?

Our dentist is trained to diagnose and treat tooth pain. If you start to experience significant pain, you should schedule an appointment with us at our office right away.

Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold sensations typically indicates problems in the tooth’s pulp and will require an endodontic evaluation. Accidents and injuries involving the face and teeth warrant an appointment with Dr. Cohen. This exam will determine if there is any trauma inside the tooth or teeth. Finally, if you start to experience unusual swelling around your teeth and in the gums, get in touch with us immediately.

Delaying treatment and ignoring pain or abnormalities in the oral cavity can lead to dire complications in the future. When it comes to your oral health, always be cautious.

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